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Monarflex Shelter sheeting

The Monarflex World Aid Tarpaulin and Monarflex World Aid Light Tarpaulin are multi-purpose reinforced sheeting. The sheeting can be utilized in a variety of ways to provide human shelter in a quick and efficient manner following natural disasters and civil unrest. That ensures the foundation for a subsequent successful Relief programme.

Monarflex shelter sheeting has been used successfully in the most extreme temperature ranges and weather conditions. The reinforced construction is both extraordinarily strong and guaranteed waterproofed due to its multi-layered composition. Monarflex Shelter sheeting is designed with a high degree of UV additives which makes it resistance to UV rays minimum 2-3 years. Monarflex shelter sheeting is contrived specially for harsh conditions and with a long life expectancy and waterproof.

Monarflex shelter sheeting can also be fixed to poles or supports using the Monarflex Anchor And Strap fixing accessories, that perfectly match the built in water proof rubber eyelets.

Some of the many usages include:

  • Groundsheets
  • Refugee shelters
  • Water-proofing existing thatch shelters
  • Customised buildings
  • Building/Window/Roof repair
  • Partitioning
  • Grain silo covers


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