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Choosing the right tarpaulin

It can be quite complicated to get an overview of the many different products available on the market today. Reinforced tarpaulins and woven HDPE sheeting are just a few of the tarpaulins available.

The following conditions have to be evaluated carefully before choosing the tarpaulin:

  • Duration of the period in which the object should be protected by the tarpaulin
  • Weather conditions – Extremely rough, moderate or mild weather
  • Placement of the object protected - is it free-standing or protected by e.g. walls or trees

The table below can be used as a guideline in choosing the right Monarflex tarpaulin:

Product & Available Sizes MONARFLEX® MultiCover Monartarp Ecotec
Duration of the protection period > 6 months 1-6 months
< 1 month
Weather conditions




Placement of the object Free-standing
Slightly free-standing/slightly protected  Protected by other objects


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