Monarflex Moisture and vapour barriers

Monarflex Vapour tight membranes

The Vapor Tight vapour control layers from the Monarflex portfolio is one of the widest on the market as it covers all three categories for vapour loads:

  • Low vapour loads – Ordinary houses
  • Medium vapour loads – Ordinary houses and industrial buildings
  • High vapour loads – Industrial buildings and swimming-/sports halls

The products in the low load category are made from virgin polyethylene with or without a reinforcing grid.

Products that are in the medium load category are made from polyethylene and always reinforced to prevent tearing during the crucial installation.

Products in the high load category are all made polyethylene with a reinforcing grid of polyester and a pure sheet of metalized film to ensure that no vapour can penetrate the protective VCL

Tight membranesLow vapour load

  • MONARFLEX® Tough Skin
  • MONARFLEX ® Elephant Skin
  • MONARFLEX ® MonarVap 200 Black

Medium vapour load

  • MONARFLEX® Netofol 200 VB
  • MONARFLEX® Monofilament 250
  • MONARFOL® Super
  • MONARFLEX ® MonarVap Reflex 110
  • ICOPAL® MonarVap Reflex 200

High vapour load

  • MONARFLEX® Polykraft STD
  • MONARFLEX® Reflex 275



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