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Monarflex sro has for more than 35 years been one of the worlds leading manufacturers of reinforced plastic for use in the building industry. Due to the very extensive know-how we have build up over the years, we master a large variety of plastic and other combinations; Low Density Polyethylene, High Density Polyethylene, Polypropylene, aluminium and metallised foils and many different types of Co-Polymers.

When these components are combined with our extrusion technology, reinforcing grid and blown film, all in-house manufactured, it allows us to provide products with the best quality for the building industry.

The processes allow us to provide all the different types of building membranes that goes into a modern house like the different roofing underlay product. We cover the first generation of vapour tight reinforced plastic underlay, the second generation with the add-on of spun bond in different qualities and last but not least the breather membranes.

On the vapour control layer, vapour barriers, vapour retarder and vapour break side of the house we also have the full range of products that protects the inside of a building against moisture build-up inside house. Finally, we do also cover the exterior wall inform of a climate shield behind the lightweight façade, which is refer to as the wind barrier.

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