Monarflex prewelding ground membranes


Monarflex pre-welding ground membranes

Monarflex has for many years supplied the market with its ground membranes for protection against chemical contamination and gasses such as radon and methane gas.

Apart from rolls of standard lengths of up to 100, Monarflex can now offer to pre-weld almost all our geo and gas membranes into larger shapes and pack them in bundles. Each bundle is:

  • Clearly marked with a label indicating size, identification and site location details.
  • Packed and winded with a rope which allows a controlled unpacking on site.
  • Equipped with ropes for easy handling and lifting.
  • Accompanied by quality report guaranteeing the proper and peel tested welding seams        

Monarflex has completed over 50.000 m2 pre-fabrication in various sizes of e.g. 20x25m sections. The Monarflex pre-fabrication offers:

  Factory controlled welds made in dry conditions

  • Speed of installation and building protection
  • Savings in on-site set-up costs  

Monarflex co-operates with Icopal UK Geomembranes who offer:

20 years experience in geomembrane installation

  • Direct employed installers: ISO9001 accredited
  • Guaranteed product installation service
  • Design service with Professional Indemnity  

One such project was the Cosenz 54 Milan Italy Project, where a contaminated area from old asphalt production is being developed to a residential area.  

  • Icopal Italy targeted the relevant authorities and specifiers and proposed Monarflex Reflex Super Sand gas membrane as passive protection against ascending gasses.
  • Icopal Italy tendered for the project on both a supply and installation basis in conjunction with Icopal UK Geomembranes.
  • Icopal Italy negotiated and secured the contract for 26.000m2
  • The membranes were pre-welded into 477m2 bundles by Monarflex, in Slovakia, and subsequently shipped to the construction site in Italy where the materials were installed by Icopal UK Geomembranes.  

The prefabricated bundles enabled over 8,000m² of the gas membrane material to be installed in just 2 days on site. The groundwork contractor, Semp SA, is delighted with the Icopal's site installation proposition, which guarantees both product and installation for the lifetime of the building, with all warranties and guarantees backed via Icopal UK Geomembranes.  

Please contact us with your requests for pre-welding.

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